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Fortnite Neo Versa Skin + 500 V-Bucks (US) PSN, PS4

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Price: $15 $20

⏩ After payment you will receive an activation code for Neo Versa + 500 V-Bucks, the activation code will be sent to your mail immediately after payment. More detailed information about the product will be presented below.

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Name: Neo Versa + 500 V-Bucks

Activation: PS4

Product Type: Activation Code

Activation Region: US

Gaming Platforms: PC, PS4, XBOX

Warranties: Yes

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✅ If you come across an invalid product (key or account), just report it in the "CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE SELLER" section, describe your problem, provide evidence, and soon you will receive your replacement, please do not immediately write a negative review, your the problem will be resolved as soon as our moderator appears ONLINE.

🕑 Our store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The support responds to messages from "CHAT" and messages from "CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE SELLER" as they become available.

🔎 All of our products are tested before being sold. The chance that you will come across an invalid or used product is extremely small, but recently there has been an increase in cases of fraud on the part of buyers, so we ask all our buyers to record a video from the moment of purchase until the moment we activate our product. The video should not contain any splices, trimming, or interruptions. Videos are your GUARANTEES! 💬 Neo Versa - Epic Neo Versa costume, Epic decoration on the back of Neo Franzi, as well as 500 bucks, which you can spend in the store on any things you are interested in.

🔶 For one account you can activate any number of Neo Versa + 500 V-Bucks, with the first purchase you will receive a skin and 500 Vbucks, and in subsequent activations you will receive only 500 Vbucks. You can activate these codes any number of times.

🔨Instructions for redeeming the code: 1. Create or log into an existing Sony Entertainment Network account by selecting PlayStation Network from the main menu of your PS3 / PS4 / PS Vita system. 2.Visit the PlayStation Store. 3.Select the "Redeem Codes" icon from the "Showcase" menu. 4.Enter the 12-digit code and select Continue. 5.Follow the instructions on the screen to redeem the received certificate.

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